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Does Your Business Need More Space?
Posted June 2018

"Is a brick-and-mortar store the most effective expansion for successful online retailers?"

"Should I pay a professionally interior decorator for my office with the intention of impressing potential clients?"

"Is a more expensive office space worth it if it offers more "turn key" services?"

These are just some of the questions that business owners ask themselves in the process growing their business. An extremely large or too expensive space can create its own set of financial problems. Have you ever had a business call completely derailed by a noisy espresso maker in the local coffee shop? A lot of us have been there. This is why we know that a large, quiet office space where you can shut the door to the outside world may be the way to go.

When should independent consultants move from a home office to a real office?

The primary catalyst will be the people eithe working for you or who make up your client base. If you’re spending most of your days at the local coffee shop rather than your home office due to strategy sessions with contractors or meetings with clients, then it’s probably time to consider a real office space. However, a home office is certainly a real office.

As an online retailer, what is the best method to expand from internet only to a brick-and-mortar store?

Starting online is a great way to build your brand and put some capitol in the bank before having much overhead. However, a physical location can open up a whole new customer base that you may not reach online. There is still a large segment of consumers who want the whole experience - to touch and feel a real product before they make a purchase.

How should a food & beverage startup shop for commercial space?

Pine Lot From Rooftop

Food trucks and pop ups are very popular options right now. They are popular because they work. Many leasing offices now also offer outdoor space or lots for rent in addition to indoor space. These spaces are often in downtown metro areas with high foot traffic and sometimes offer extras such as all inclusive pricing that includes electricity and water usage.

If you are looking for any type of retail space, indoor or out, contact LST and let us find the perfect location for your next venture.



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