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For most work is a huge part of your everyday life. If you are an entrepreneur, CEO, business manager or anyone important to your company you know how the right space can make or break a company. Do you love your company's office space? Do you hate it? Why? What is the perfect location? How could your office be better? What are some ideas for new businesses in the Albany area? What's working? What's not working at all?

This blog seeks to discuss work life and culture while helping to provide solutions and ideas in the world of professionals. After all, it's not just a place to do work. Your office is where you will spend almost a third of your life. If you have to be there anyway, you may as well make the most of it.

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Posted Jan 2021

new space available


New Space
Posted Oct 2020

4th Month Rent Free  

One Month Free Rent
Posted June 2020

Lone Star Equities Albany, Georgia is announcing a new promotion to help get the local economy back to full speed. We are now offering one month's free rent for all new lease agreements. If you are a new business startup owner or manager you are...




standing desk pit office space

DIY Standing Desk
Posted Jan 2020

2019 office trends albany  

Welcome Downtown Outdoor Market & Mobile Food Court
Posted May 2019

Well, it has been almost a year in the making but our hard work has paid off. The brand new Downtown Outdoor Market (& Mobile Food Court) is finally taking off. Arts and Crafts vendors and food trucks have been setting the parking brake at 320 Pine Avenue for a...


2019 office trends albany  

2019 Office Trends
Posted Jan 2019

To appeal to a wider array of potential employees, many companies and building owners are re­designing and renovating their offices. Modern kitchens with high-top seating, collaboration areas made for informal meetings and adaptable office furniture with standing desks...

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map of downtown albany

Why Downtown Albany?
Posted Oct 2018

Before you consider any other location in Southwest Georgia you should definitely consider the perks of bringing your next business location or event to Downtown Albany, Georgia. Chances are it has everything your business needs to be successful...

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  albany office life

Downtown Food Truck Park

Empty Lot? How About A Food Truck Park?
Posted Aug 2018

While huge parking lots were once a necessity for downtown years ago, the construction of parking garages and a more walk-friendly town layout have reduced the need for large expanses of otherwise wasted space.

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Does your business need more office space?

Does Your Business Need More Space?
Posted June 2018

These are just some of the questions that business owners ask themselves in the process growing their business. An extremely large or too expensive space can create its own set of financial problems. Have you ever had a business call completely derailed by...

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4 reasons great space

4 Reasons Your Business Needs A Great Office Space
Posted Oct 2017

If your company wants to attract the best talent you need an inviting office space to attract them, eye catching room to interview them and good ideas to keep them engaged in their work environment. The top talent doesn't always want to work from the...

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